Volvo S90 – The Recruiting Car

Volvo S90
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For hiring talent, what happens when a product itself does the interviewing? In Volvo’s case, it is a CAR-Volvo S90

In Brussels Motor Show, Volvo promoted it’s all new S90 model in an extraordinary way. Volvo let the expert; the expert here is the car itself do the recruitment for “real jobs” to fill positions at Ghent factory and for the Volvo dealer network. Using the car’s technology, Volvo turned its S90 car into an HR Manager.

Volvo opened 50 positions via social media channels for real jobs and asked candidates to submit their application on website in order to be considered for the interview. The car interviewed candidates at the Brussels Motor Show. To assess candidates’ knowledge, motivation, and social skills Volvo S90 interviewed candidates via image recognition, mapping and analysis of preset parameters, analyzing the candidate’s facial expressions and word use. After the interview, the car’s uses its AI to generates an evaluation document based on the answers and sends it to the human HR department of Volvo automatically. After the HR90 recommendations, if the candidate’s profile meets Volvo’s requirements, they were contacted for “human” interview.

Volvo teamed up with a creative agency FamousGrey who used Volvo S90 advanced technology and turned it into HR90, Volvo’s all new HR Manager. Volvo S90 is equipped with artificial intelligence that allows it to interview prospective candidates. Tapping into its speech technology, pedestrian recognition, car connect system and other technological elements, the car can do its own job interview and can test the applicants on their social and technical skills.

This not only shows the car’s intelligence but it also assures Volvo that they will get the best profiles without investing too many man hours and without any biasness.

And, what about the positions? Well, they were all filled.

The future is here! Its not just a car, it is a Recruiting Car.


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