PM Narendra Modi launches One Nation One Card – Here’s everything to need to know about this Mobility Card that would work across Countries - National Common Mobility Card

PM launches ‘One Nation One Card’ – Here’s everything you need to know about this All in One Travel Card

March 6, 2019 Nikita Bajaj 0

On 4th March, Monday in Ahmedabad PM Narendra Modi launched National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) dubbed as ‘One Nation One Card’ that would allow people […]

Volvo S90

Volvo S90 – The Recruiting Car

March 4, 2019 Nikita Bajaj 0

For hiring talent, what happens when a product itself does the interviewing? In Volvo’s case, it is a CAR-Volvo S90 In Brussels Motor Show, Volvo promoted […]