How to watch the brightest moon on 2019


Supermoon to appear at 9:23 pm in India tomorrow

One can never get enough of looking up at the sky and taking a gander at the celestial bodies. It’s essentially charming.

Furthermore, now and again, some cosmic wonder happens that further complements its appeal.

Like, on February 19 (Tuesday), the moon will be at its most splendid, greatest and nearest of the year.

We all know that the moon pivots around the earth in a curved circle.

A full moon happens when the earth is found precisely between the sun and the moon.

Also, when a full moon is at perigee (nearest point in its circle around Earth), “it’s slightly brighter and larger than a regular full moon, and that’s where we get a supermoon,” NASA says.

The name ‘snow’ gets included as it happens at the coldest time.

The Super Snow Moon, otherwise called Storm Moon, Hunger Moon, and Bone Moon, will show up at 9:23pm in India tomorrow.

This is ideal for those with 9-6 plan.

Further, you needn’t bother with any extraordinary glasses to watch this moon, however for better involvement, use binoculars or a telescope.

Outstandingly, there are 12 or 13 full moons every year, and 3 or 4 out of them perhaps named the supermoon.

Prior to this, the ongoing supermoon this year happened on January 21 (Super Blood Wolf Moon) and a year ago the supermoon happened on January 31.

After tomorrow, we won’t almost certainly observe another supermoon this year.


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