Only One Indian company is among the top 10 firm to get certifications for H-1B

H-1b Visa

As per information from the US Department of Labor, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is the firms’ Indian organization among the best 10 organizations to have been granted foreign labor certifications for H-1B visa for the financial year 2018.

America H-1b Visa

Here is the List of top 10 companies

The main 10 organizations to have been granted foreign labor certifications was led by London-based Ernst and Young (151,164 certifications), trailed by Deloitte Consulting (69,869 certifications), and Cognizant (47,732 certificates).

HCL America (42,820 certifications), K Force Inc (32,996 certifications), Apple (26,833 certifications), TCS (20,755 certifications), Qualcomm (20,723 certifications), Mphasis Corporation (16,671 certificates), and Capgemini America (13,517 certifications) made up whatever is left of the main 10, separately.

The positions for which the most H-1B Visa certifications were granted

For the financial year 2018, finished September 30, the US Department of Labor got applications for 1,266,614 places of which 1,223,053 were confirmed.

Among ensured positions, software developers and applications accounted 285,963 certifications, trailed by computer systems analyst (176,025), computer occupations (120,736), software developers (67,262), system software accountants, and auditors and software engineers (53,727)

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