Now You can buy cow dung soap online


An RSS-upheld drug store is conveying many items to Amazon, all bound with the integrity of ‘gau’. The products include cow-dung soaps, Kamdhenu Ark (having digestive qualities), and ‘Yogi’ and ‘Modi’ kurtas.

The items will be sold by Deen Dayal Dham, a center kept running by RSS. The online sale will start in October and will have 30 items having restorative characteristics.

The items which the Kamdhenu Gaushala Pharmacy makes are Ghanvati (a tonic implied for diabetes and obesity), Shoolbar oil, (for sprains, joint pain) cleanser, shower cleansers, face packs, incense, and so on.


Dham’s Deputy Secretary Manish Gupta, said every one of the items utilizes cow pee as the principal item.

He clarified, “We collect urine and dung from cows in our shed and use them in products as per the formulation.”

At present, every one of the items is available at offline stores and just at the Dham or RSS camps. Be that as it may, the deals have been not too bad.

The Dham claims it offers therapeutic items worth Rs. 1 lakh for every month and attire worth Rs. 3 lakh.

RSS representative Arun Kumar said the motivation behind growing deals was to make more occupations. In the event that the endeavor is effective, production will be expanded.

About the fitting wing of the dham, Gupta clarified it was begun in 1980 to give work to poor people.

The unit comprises of 50 specialists, for the most part, ladies, who get Rs. 150 every day for sewing two pants. They get a sewing machine as a wedding blessing.

The kurtas are valued at Rs. 220. Outstandingly, the Modi ones are longer than Yogi’s.


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