Reason to change from Google to DuckDuckGo


Google is without a doubt the most-mainstream web search engine however it has a major weakness: it tracks users to action. OnĀ other hand duckduckgo is different

In this way, in case you’re worried about security, This Search Engine is a quick, effective and protection-focused other option to Google.

Further, This search Engine shows some entirely noteworthy answers, surprisingly better than Google’s Knowledge Graph now and then, because of its awesome developers’ community.

Security 1st is DuckDuckGo’s main focus

Protection is DuckDuckGo’s most eminent element as the web search tool keeps any kind of information spill.

Prominently, DuckDuckGo does not gather any close to home data from the clients and it likewise keeps any inquiry terms from being spilled to the sites that clients visit.

Search Engine

It is an impeccable internet searcher with a plenty of easy routes and keeps your history altogether private.

Access social media without leaving the DuckDuckGo

With this search engine, checking online social handles is easier. It enables clients to visit social profile without leaving the web search tool.

For example, composing G+ alongside the Google+ username shows the profile without even a moment’s pause.

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You have to open connects to seek anything on Google, yet that is not the situation with DuckDuckGo. It gives you a chance to seek inside the site.

DuckDuckgo also give suggestions for Password

It can assist you in creating different passwords. One can produce a 20-character solid secret phrase by composing “Password 20” on the search engine.

Further, DuckDuckGo can likewise produce four-character passwords that have normal words and are anything but difficult to recollect however certainly difficult to split; these are known as xkcd-style passwords.

It has a calendar and can be used as loan calculator also

DuckDuckGo additionally has an inbuilt-timetable. One can get the logbook for any month or year via searching for the same. Further, calculating EMI is a heavy task, however, this search engine is furnished with a component that ascertains regularly scheduled payments and the total interest important to be paid.

Simply type “loan AMOUNT at INTEREST with PERCENT down for DURATION” to get the result.

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