Few Apartment Dogs Breed In India, which can easily fit an apartment lifestyle

Dog Breeds in India
Dog Breeds in India

In India, most people wanted to have a pet but the most common issue they have is of the size of there apartment or the place where they stay. These few Apartment Dogs Breed In India can help you. Having a dog can help you with a lot of things like they will wake you up early, there will be no leftover food, your secrets are safe with your dogs if you like to tell them if you have a rough day still your dog will greet you at door with a wagging tail. Here are the few dogs which are suitable for an apartment as well as for the

This glorious looking dog a great breed to keep in an apartment. They bonds easily with the family and is sufficiently energetic to keep you occupied throughout the day. Love to play with the kids. The best thing about having a Golden Retriever is that this dog breed doesn’t bark much so any protestations from neighbors.


Dogs Breed In India
Golden Retriever

Labrador Retriever

The tough, very much adjusted Labrador Retriever can weigh between 25 to 36 Kgs. The thick, hard coat comes in yellow, black, and a delectable chocolate. The head is wide, the eyes flicker with generosity, and the thick, decreasing “otter tail” is by all accounts always flagging the breed’s inborn enthusiasm. They love to play alot this breed is so friendly that they can mix it up with anyone easily. Labrador is one of the most loyal breed. They are well behaved around the kids.  Labrador is also used as a guide dogs. This is the most common Dogs Breed In India

Dogs Breed In India

German Shepherd

German Shepherd Dogs can remain as high as 26 inches at the shoulder. The characteristic walk is a free-and-simple run, yet GSDs can turn it up an indent or two and achieve incredible paces. These dogs are also highly intelligent like labra or golden retriever. GSD is also used as the police dog because they are easy to train. Like other dogs, these are also very loyal dogs. You can recognize a GSD from its pointy standing ears like a cat. They might look dangerous but they are not. They also love playing.

Dogs Breed In India


They come in three shapes: silver or apricot-grovel with a dark face cover, or all dark. The big round head, the huge shining eyes, and the wrinkled give Pugs a scope of human-like articulations—astound, satisfaction, interest—that have charmed proprietors for a considerable length of time

Pugs are happy with children or old people, as a lone pet or in a pack. They make the most of their sustenance, and care must be taken to keep them trim. They do best in modrate climate. Pugs can be their delightful selves anyplace.

Dogs Breed In India

Indian Desi Dogs

These dogs are highly active, gentle, friendly and can adopt Indian harsh climate easily. They are medium size dogs so they donot need a very big house. There fur is short so not much groming is require to them. Indian desi dogs usually dont have any medical issues.


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